1500 x 1500 x 200 (h) cm
LED tubes, cables, 6-channel speakers 

At the crossroads of symbiosis with nature or extinction, korinsky/seo weaves a utopian/dystopian future on an artificial wheat field of lights to examine humanity's approach to the future.

The work visualizes a swaying field in the presence of wind using generative light patterns. The visual aspect develops following the sound. Starting with the sounds of nature, increasingly discordant sounds intersect, amplify and reach the climax of ‘whiteout’ with exploding sound and light.

'whiteout' - a state in which the earth and the sky become all white in the polar regions causing loss of sense of direction, could symbolize a confused mental state of mankind facing today’s problems, a state in which humans have been completely wiped out of existence from the earth, or a clean slate for starting over from the beginning through the symbiosis of human and nature. 

‘whiteout’ stimulates various sensory connections and deals with the hopes and despair of human existence. Nature, aesthetics, utopia, nostalgia, aversion, fear, death, and dystopia merge imperceptibly, and the audience repeats the journey between fear and relief in ambivalence. Underneath the dark and heavy atmosphere of the work lies the human instinct to long for a better future.

funded by Paradise Cultural Foundation

in collaboration with with Orhan "aib" Kavrakoğlu
videography: Sujin Seo
photography: Paradise Cultural Foundation