800 x 300 x 300 (h) cm
metal, wood, plastic, pipes, humidifier, fans, rails, motor, water pump, bench grinders, 4-channel speakers

Storm chasing is a deliberate pursuit of any severe weather phenomenon for scientific or personal reasons which include thrill-seeking by running towards the danger, the mystery of not knowing precisely what will unfold, the journey to an undetermined destination on the open road, the pure beauty of nature and intangible experiences such as feeling one with a much larger and more powerful natural world. Behind this irrational human behavior of putting oneself at risk of getting harmed, korinsky/seo finds biophilia - humans' innate tendency to admire nature and seek connections with it - and examine an inseparable relationship between humans and the surrounding natural environment. korinsky/seo creates and chases their own tornado that is moving in a confined space. They extend their research about streams found in natural phenomena into currents of air and sculpt the air into an organic figure that exists only in transitory moments. 

With an air-flow visualization technique used in fluid dynamics, the work transforms the most common and trivial air flow around us into a transcendent reality. The work also includes a set of 4 custom-made tornado sirens. The sirens, a warning mechanism for natural disasters, layers multiple sounds with slightly different frequencies and triggers subconscious fears. This creates eerie dissonance but also a rare moment of intentional harmony. 

Tornado is a symbol of raw and untamed power and humans are drawn to the sheer power and majesty of nature, which can be so beautiful and destructive at the same time. The shifting atmosphere of the work stimulates various sensory connections and deals with the hopes and despair of human existence in relation to nature. Nature, aesthetics, fear, and death merge imperceptibly, and the audience repeats the journey between fear and relief.

funded by ZER01NE by Hyundai Motors 

technical support: C2 Artechnolozy
programming support: Jin Lee
videography: Kwanhee Yoon