Carlo Korinsky / Sujin Seo
Based in Berlin and Seoul, korinsky/seo researches the inseparable relationship between humans and nature based on their admiration for nature. They create an intangible experience of encountering a larger and stronger natural world by physically transforming or distorting organic elements such as sound, light, and movement that occur in natural phenomena. In particular, their work reinterprets objects found in the ordinary environment around us into transcendent reality through artistic interpretation and technology, and reminds us of the transient beauty of the natural world that surrounds us. One of the distinguishing features of their work is ambivalence. Various elements of the work stimulate different visual associations and emotions. Their works combine nature, aesthetics, disgust, fear, and death, and the audience repeats the journey between comfort and anxiety.

Group Exhibitions

2023 Unfold X “stormchaser ii”, Seoul, Korea (upcoming in November 2023) 
2023 ISEA Paris “whiteout”, Paris, France
2022 Asia Culture Center - Story Telling for Earthly Survival “algal blooms”, Gwangju, Korea  
2022 ZER01NE DAY “stormchaser i”, Seoul, Korea
2022 PAL+ “whiteout”, Incheon, Korea
2022 Paradise Art Lab Festival “whiteout”, Incheon, Korea 
2019 MMCA Changdong Residency “the field” (in collaboration with Carlo Korinsky), Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibition

2021 Salt Art Museum “schale”, Jeungdo, Korea 


2023 Foreign Something – AIR by No Discipline Limited (NDL), partnering with HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity (HKSC), Hong Kong
2022 Asia Culture Center Residency Program in Visual Art, Gwangju, Korea
2022 Hyundai Motors ZER01NE Creator Program for Art + Technology, Seoul, Korea
2021 Salt Museum Residency Program, Jeungdo, Korea

Research & Lecture

2023 Z-LAB Research LAB funded by Hyundai Motor Group, Seoul, Korea 
2023 Lecture for Foreign Something – AIR by No Discipline Limited (NDL), partnering with HKICC Lee, Hong Kong